Private Placement Platforms

DKI Capital specialises in cross-border private investments to channel liquidity into best fitting growth sectors and regions. In line with China’s “Going Out” policy, DKI Capital aims to become the leading market-maker for China cross-border private investment.

Cross-border investing is generally limited by unclear market information and access to strong local co-investors. DKI Capital has a scaled approach to bridging the international divide:

  • Sales professionals cultivate a fast-growing network of high-net worth individuals unfamiliar to the international retail investment marketplace
  • Business development teams expand strategic partnerships, channels, and platforms for deal flow
  • Project execution teams manage negotiations, structure, and syndication

Relationship building and programming with trusted institutions are integral components of our cross-border market-making activities. DKI Capital regularly organises conferences, events, and investment trips to build comfort in new regions and transactions of interest.